After 30 years of passion for wine, experience and success designing glassware for the most prestigious champagne and wine makers in France, Mr. Gerard Lehmann, CEO of La Verrerie de la Marne, decided to create the Lehmann Glass label with the help of Mr. Gerard Basset, the Master Sommelier. The motivation behind the collaboration was not only to satisfy wine lovers, but to make wine engaging and enjoyable to all those who appreciate it, regardless of being an expert.

La Verrerie de la Marne, the maker of Lehmann Glass, has been serving a renowned wine industry clientele for over 40 years. Ever-eager to satisfy the needs of its customers, la Verrerie de la Marne has worked with the very best specialists in all manufacturing techniques throughout its history. The company has developed many ranges using glass and Plexiglass. Its collections feature Wine glasses, Champagne glasses, Cocktail glasses, Decanters and Bowls.