Kiana Bahadorzadeh- Co-Founder, CEO- Emerging Markets

Kiana moved to the US from Iran at the age of 20 to pursue her ambition for higher education. She later graduated with a B.S degree from the School of Hospitality Administration at Boston University and furthered her education by achieving an MBA from IESE Business School in Barcelona, Spain. Her background in business management and her entrepreneurial ambition led her to co-founding Kiyasa Group with her sister. Now based in Brazil, Kiana leads the company’s expansion into emerging markets including Latin America and the Middle East.

Yasamin Bahadorzadeh- Co-Founder, CEO-US

Yasamin moved to the US from Iran at the age of 21 to continue her education in design. With a B.S in Economics already under her belt, she furthered her education in Landscape Architecture from Cornell University and a completed a master’s degree in Landscape Architecture & Urban Design from the University of Pennsylvania. Her drive and passion led her to co-founding Kiyasa Group with her sister, where she brings her knowledge in design and economics. Based in the NY Showroom, Yasamin leads and manages the US operations.

Roya Bozorgpour- Vice President

Roya has been involved in the artistic and cultural events circuit of Tehran for over 25 years. From curetting art for exhibitions to organizing auctions and concerts, her expertise and interests continued to grow. Now based in California, Roya oversees and manages the company’s product development and line expansion.