Wash and store instructions
  • According to tests done by the Reckitt Benckiser Produktion Gmbh laboratory in Germany, the Swarovski Crystals on our Jeweled collections have been tested for 700 washing cycles and have proven to be dishwasher durable. However, we highly recommend hand washing, primarily because of the 24kt gold and platinum plate used.
  • Items decorated in gold or platinum may be damaged due to dishwashing. Please wash with a sponge or soft cloth.
  • As with any other chinaware, the use of scouring pads, scrubbers or abrasive cleaners may cause damage to your Prouna chinaware.
  • As with any other chinaware, washing your Prouna china with stainless products can cause stains that may not easily come off.
  • When storing your Prouna china, try not to slide them over one another as this may cause scratches on the glaze. It is recommended that you put a layer of cloth or paper towel in between the plates when stacking.
Use instructions
  • Chinaware must not be subjected to extreme changes in temperature. The chinaware may break due to direct heating.
  • Chinaware with gold or platinum must not be used in the microwave.
  • Just like any other chinaware, your Prouna china may be faded out by exposing to bleach for long hours.
  • Metallic stains can appear on your chinaware due to shocks caused by metallic goods.
  • Swarovski crystals may be damaged by exposure to high temperature (over 330 F) for a long period of time.
  • Exposing crystallized products to strong acid or alkali liquid may damage the crystal stones.
  • All Prouna items are sold with a one year warranty for repair or replacement in cases where the Swarovski elements fall off due to the manufacturer’s mal production; the warranty does not apply to cases where the elements fall due to customer’s miss-care. Kiyasa Group will examine each and every item that has been sent for replacement carefully and will determine if the item qualifies for replacement.