Product care and use instructions
  • Silver is a material easy to clean and maintain; the more it is used, the more beautiful it becomes!
  • Cutlery, excluding the pieces composed with other materials such as plexiglass can be used on a daily basis.
  • You may wash your Greggio Silver Plated pieces in the dishwasher with a non-aggressive detergent and no salt; don’t leave silver plated items wet for very long. Avoid washing with or close to stainless steel items.
  • Dry articles well with a soft cloth after washing to maintain the beauty of your silver.
  • All Greggio frames, lighting and men’s gifting pieces are non-tarnish and should only be hand polished.
Precious tips:
    • When silver comes into contact with salt, lemon, parmesan cheese or vinegar, it must be washed under running water and dried thoroughly.

    • Never clean candlesticks and candelabras with liquid (there are many soldering and empty cavities inside). For those products we recommend to use an anti-tarnish cloth.