At the age of 14, Rino Greggio, started working as an apprentice in the laboratory of a silversmith in Padua (Podova), 30km outside of Venice, Italy. There he learned the secrets of this ancient craft, not knowing that this will become his life-long passion. In 1948, just after the war, Rino Greggio sold his bicycle for 21 Liras and bought his first kilo of silver to establish Rino Greggio with two co-workers. Starting from a little 4x4 room in 1948, the Group has come a long way today to become an important reference point in the world of silver. The Group is still 100% privately owned and it is managed by the founding family and their children who share the same passion for silver, its onward development and appreciation.

Greggio offers an incomparable selection of articles from dining and table accessories, to home decor and gifting items. Infinity of styles and models, hand-made details and decorations and the high quality in the material and craftsmanship used are part of the core characteristics of this historical brand in the world of Silver.