Domenico Vacca Dinnerware is hand wash recommended. Not Microwave safe
  • Although the Swarovski Crystals have been tested for dishwasher durability, we recommend hand-washing your Domenico Vacca Dinner. Items hand painted in 24kt gold or platinum may be damaged due to dishwashing.
  • As with any other chinaware, the use of scouring pads, scrubbers or abrasive cleaners may cause damage to your china.
  • As with any other chinaware, washing your Domenico Vacca dinnerware with stainless products can cause stains that may not come off easily. Exposing the chinaware to bleach for long hours may cause fading.
  • Chinaware with gold or platinum must not be used in the microwave.
  • Exposing the Swarovski crystals to high temperature (over 330 F) for a long period of time or strong acid and alkali liquid can damage the crystal stones.