Domenico Vacca Tabletop and Home Decor was developed in 2015 through a partnership with Kiyasa Group, the exclusive distributor or PROUNA in the US. A favorite with Hollywood costume designers and celebrities, the A-list Italian fashion designer is responsible for bringing back exceptional luxury and quality to fashion, earning the label “Ferrari of clothing.” This stunning collection is made by PROUNA, known for its high quality of bone china and regarded as a pioneer in developing technical expertise and knowledge for embedding Swarovski Crystals on to bone china with a dishwasher durable technology.

The Domenico Vacca Home collection with PROUNA maintains the Domenico Vacca brand DNA which the designer characterizes as classic with a twist. Remaining true to this spirit, the designer’s signature Julie bag motif is incorporated into four different bone china collections by PROUNA. The beautiful collection contains more than 40 pieces including tableware, flatware, glassware, serving trays, coffee/tea cups, as well as gift items such as vases, jewelry boxes and scented candles.