Dogale has been a part of Greggio Group family since 2004, a manufacturer that is a pioneer in the world of silver in all forms. Greggio holds the merit of having understood that continually reinventing silver, this marvelous noble metal, also means combining it with different raw materials. Dogale is a combination of hand painted glass and subsequent silver plating on the outer body of each piece. The new but well known brand offers numerous collections, each containing a wide range of products including bowls, vases, and plates of different dimensions and colors – which have captured an emerging class of consumers looking for innovation. Every piece is unique and unrepeatable due to the hand-production process that is absolute craftsmanship.

Corrado Villarà is the creative mind behind the DOGALE Venezia Collection. The DOGALE name takes its origins from the XVI century, when the Doge was ruling in Venice, city that has the most ancient tradition of glass. Today DOGALE Venezia's production plant is located just outside of Venice, Italy, in a city called Padua.