About Kiyasa Group

Hankook Chinaware

Established in 1943, Hankook Chinaware is known as one the most prestigious manufacturers of high quality ceramic tableware globally, and the manufacturer of the prestigious PROUNA fine bone china. Hankook’s capacity exceeds 1 million pieces of tableware, and 300,000 sheets of high quality ceramic decal per month. They are the first and ONLY company in the world to invent a technology and develop the expertise for inlaying Swarovski Elements onto Fine Bone China, while ensuring the product remains dishwasher durable. The company still remains a family owned operation and is firmly established as an international manufacturer producing the highest quality of products with a special attention to quality, innovation, and the environment.

Verrerie de la Marne

After 30 years of success designing glasses for the most prestigious French champagne and wine makers, Gerard Lehmann created the Lehmann Glass to not only satisfy wine lovers but to make wine engaging to all who appreciate it, though they may not be specialists. Lehmann Glass stands for the most innovative and elegant shapes in the industry, creating oenological tools that enhance aromas of all wines, a modern product range respecting the tradition.

Greggio Group

Founded in 1948, Greggio Group is an Italian silver manufacturing company with an incomparable selection of articles from the home decor to the gift for special occasions. Besides the fine silver collections, Greggio also offers a wide range of Silver plated and Rhodium-plated creations, which satisfy every kind of request, from the most classical to the modern.

Greggio Group

Dogale has been part of Greggio family since 2004 to give a clear answer to the consumers in silver market that require a younger and redefined version of the noble metal. Corrado Villarà is the creative mind behind Dogale Collection. He is in charge of reinventing the product every season with different forms, colours and feelings.
Dogale name takes its origins from the XVI century, when the Doge was ruling in Venice, city that has the most ancient tradition of glass.

Alain Saint Joanis

Is a French flatware company established in 1876, and has adapted the purest traditions of French cutlery craftsmanship to new manufacturing techniques. The dishwasher safe flatware is made with authentic raw material such as ebony, rosewood, olivewood, boxwood, and resin. All collections are hand-assembled and hand polished. Collections carried by Kiyasa are all exclusively designed for the company as part of the Kiyasa Signature collections to match the exquisite dinnerware that the group offers.

Villari Porcelain and Candles

Is an Italian family-owned company known for their decorative porcelain inspired by the Italian Baroque style. The candles, which are carried by Kiyasa, are poured with all natural wax including 20% natural perfume from the French perfumery Bougie st Senteur, which is located in the capital of the perfume industry, Grasse.